11 Ways to Eat Avocado That Aren’t Guacamole

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If you like avocados, chances are you’re a fan of guacamole. I mean it’s hard not to enjoy the smooth and creamy delight that is guacamole (okay, I’ll stop). But, avocados are a really versatile fruit (yep, they are a fruit) and you can do many things with them.

So give the avocado it’s due and don’t subject it to being the muse of one food item. All of the recipes can be found in the Avocado Ideas link to our Pinterest board.

Tuna salad

That’s right, tuna salad. It may sound weird, but avocados make tuna salad healthy and paleo friendly (if you’re a paleo person) by acting as a substitute for mayo. If you love both avocado and tuna as much as I do, then I guarantee you will like this version of tuna salad—even if it sounds like it’s a bit out there.

Avocado Tuna

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