5 Foodie YouTube Channels That Will Have You Eating Out of the Palm of Their Hands

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What exactly is it about video footage featuring the mundane details of bringing a recipe to life that feels so gratifying? As with most pleasure-inducing activities, it all starts in the mind. Call it what you want—fantasizing, suspense, buildup, foreplay. Whether you’re practicing abstinence for your health and looking for images to lust over until your next indulgence, seeking inspiration for your upcoming kitchen creation, or simply and inexplicably desiring to gaze upon the intricate, gooey interior of a perfectly baked salted caramel chocolate chip cookie, it’s all reason enough to hop on YouTube and treat yourself.


There are a few weekly shows that fall under the Tastemade Channel umbrella. Thirsty For focuses on beverages (coffee! booze! juice!) and provides fun facts and music along with the instructionals. The Perennial Plate follows the culinary inspirations of a couple of folks who travel the world creating videos about sustainable foods. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. is exactly what it claims to be: a show dedicated to bringing the viewer recipes, like this Lavender & Beet “Cheesecake,” that are not only raw, vegan, and not gross, but also accompanied by beautiful visuals and the kind of host you feel like you’re sort of best friends with.

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