5 Tasty, Simple Cookie Recipes to Bake With Kids

By August 17, 2016 Desserts, Recipes No Comments
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Baking cookies

I don’t have children myself, but I do have an eight-year-old goddaughter and a five-month old nephew. And I just so happen to be getting into baking (taking a cooking class in high school was not totally worthless, as it turns out).  As a child of the nineties, my memories of baking consist of taking those pre-packaged squares of cookie dough and dumping them on cookie sheet—and voila, cookies.

Despite my thaw-and-go approach at home, I always longed for those moments you see in the movies where the kids get the chance to break the eggs into the bowls and stir the dough themselves. The one issue with this idyllic scene—baking (and particularly doing it well) is complicated, and requires a measure of exactness. So to be able to create these memories with my goddaughter (and eventually my nephew) I’m gonna need recipes that are simple and straightforward.

Also, I’ve been promising to make my friends who are vegan cookies for a long time (and have never gotten around to it—sorry guys) so, now I’m killing two birds with one stone and finding some tasty vegan recipes as well.

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