Chorizo and Roasted Red Peppers Frittata Recipe

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Photo by Vanessa Mota

Photo by Vanessa Mota

Cooking a great meal after a busy working day can be as simple as mixing your favorite sausage into some eggs and cooking it in the oven. To do just that in an amazingly delicious way, I’m sharing this beautiful chorizo and roasted red peppers frittata recipe that I’m sure your family will enjoy.

To make this frittata, I cooked some Spanish chorizo filling I found at that local grocery store with onions, parsley, and roasted red peppers. I then mixed the chorizo with lightly beaten eggs, poured it into a cast iron skillet, and baked for about 20 minutes—that’s it! Pair with a salad and enjoy a simple, quick, and delicious dinner in less than 30 minutes.

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Vanessa Mota – Smart Little Cookie

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