Mix Delicious Cocktails From Garden Herbs and Flowers

Cocktail gardening has evolved from the latest garden to glass trend. This means dedicating a part of your backyard or vegetable garden to the cultivation of herbs, flowers, spices, and/or fruits to be used in preparing different cocktails. Likewise, you may prefer to create a garden dedicated to mocktails (without alcohol) as well as fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. You can create your garden directly on the ground, in flowerpots, on a wall or even in portable hydroponic systems, depending on the soil requirements of each plant.

Home Herb Garden

This is definitely a novel and creative opportunity for those of us who have gardens and want to learn how to use what we grow in less traditional ways in the kitchen. Likewise, this method of gardening may result in a new hobby for experts and lovers of creative mixology.

A few years ago I read an article in the already out-of-print magazine Gourmet about Garden to Glass, written by the journalist and mixologist James Rodewald. It made my jaw drop and really spiked my imagination. With the growing interest in household gardens, the Farm to Table movement and the increasing popularity of farmer’s markets in urban areas, I knew that this subject would be of big interest. Even today, the trend is still booming.

Just imagine yourself growing and picking fresh mint and basil to make your own mojitos—as well as other popular herbs used in mixology. Herbs and spices like rosemary, lavender, thyme, cilantro, parsley, marjoram, and sage are some essential ingredients for classic cocktail recipes in mixology. Here are some of the benefits of practicing cocktail gardening.

  1. Have a reason for gardening, since you’ll be able to prepare your favorite drink or create a new one.
  2. Personalize your garden.
  3. Start a new hobby as you become more in touch with nature.
  4. Experiment and expand your palate.
  5. Grow various kinds of herbs, flowers, and fruits.
  6. Grow plants that are hard to find in garden centers or nurseries.
  7. Take full advantage of the plants you grow. Many herbs will die off if you don’t use them immediately. You’ll help to prevent food waste.
  8. Reduce costs. Anything you grow but don’t use is time and money wasted.
  9. Share your concoctions with Friends and family.
  10. Have something fun to chat about. As you discover gardening in your own backyard, your friends will become interested as well.

In the United Sates, around a million people are growing grains, grapes and fruits to prepare beer, wine and liquors from their home, according to How to Market Gardening to Millenials, presented in 2015 by the public relations firm Garden Media Group.

govino mojito

Cocktail hour made easy. The govino wine/cocktail glass

The publication indicates that Young adults want to take on DIY projects with their own edible crops, and for this plants play a double role: brightening up your yard while also tasting delicious. Furthermore, adding aspects of the Garden to Glass movement to your gatherings is a great upgrade to the typical garden party during spring and summer. You can invite friends over to your home as you learn something new and exciting, while sharing with others over social media.

“…if you want to take your cocktail party in a new direction, you need to get your hands in the dirt”. –James Rodewald, journalist and editor on The Art of The Cocktail

Perla Sofia Curbelo is a home gardener in Puerto Rico. She’s an educator and spokesperson for topics in agriculture and urban gardening. Check out more of her ideas on her blog.

Translated by / Traducido por Bill O’Connor

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