Fresh Twist on a Classic: Walnut Mushroom Burritos.

Fresh Twist on a Classic: Walnut Mushroom Burritos

This is a burrito: a better burrito. Yes, you can eat all your favorite food with the same flavor and delicious bite in a healthier way. Finely chop walnuts and mushrooms for the filling (instead of ground meat) and add some spices. Then you scoop this mixture into a flour tortilla and add the creamiest guacamole ever and a bunch of greens. This is health, nutrition, and flavor at the same time. I think it’s way better to give it a try instead of exposing yourself to all the health issues fast food restaurants are experiencing (I bet you have heard of Chipotle´s food safety problems right?) And this is not the first time a chain or fast food restaurant has dealt with this kind of issues.

But there is another good thing about preparing your own food: you will know what exactly is in it, every single ingredient. For the flour tortillas, you can buy whole wheat, unbleached and unenriched tortillas, which are the best. And eating like this you’ll  know that there will be nothing other than smashed avocado with sea salt in your guacamole. And that your “meat” would not be contaminated with any bacteria.

I really believe these are a lot of benefits and advantages for home cooked fast food. So I hope you’ll give it a try.



4-6 servings


  • Prep

  • Cook

  1. Heat over medium heat a skillet and add the tablespoon of neural tasting oil and the onion. Let the onion turn translucent, be careful not to burn it.
  2. Then add the finely chopped cremini mushrooms and the minced walnuts. Move constantly and add the salt, the chili and the cumin.
  3. Cook until fragrant and add the beans.
  4. To prepare the burritos heat the flour tortillas on a skillet or a griddle. Heat them lightly as you will need them to be flexible.
  5. When the flour tortilla is ready spoon one or two tablespoons of the mushroom walnut mixture in the middle. Place in one side a tablespoon of avocado and on the other side a couple of kale pieces or other green.
  6. Roll over tightly and cut through the middle. Serve immediately.

Alejandra Graf is a food lover and wellness pusher. Get more healthy recipes at Piloncillo&Vainilla